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5 Guaranteed Benefits of Writing a Blog for your Business.

Did you know that companies that write 11 or more posts per month receive 3X the amount of web traffic? (Hubspot) Or that 37% of marketers believe blogs are the most important form of content marketing? (Stukent) Today, social media trumps traditional marketing and every business, no matter how big or small, needs a blog and these 5 benefits will show you why.

Now, you may be thinking “Blogs aren’t for me.” or “I have nothing to say.” or even “My industry doesn’t fit long style media like blogs, vlogs, and podcasts.”  Well, guess what friends. Blogs are important and every industry can and should write a blog. Even big brands have blogs like Zappos and their blog Beyond the Box. They figured out an angle and so can you. If I haven’t convinced you to start writing a blog yet here are 5 guaranteed benefits of writing a blog for your business. Number 1 is a game changer.

Being Discoverable online is a benefit of a business blog.
woman cuts white paper with word undiscovered on table

5. Be discovered on social media

So you’ve created social media profiles and posted some photos because you know it is the future of marketing but you struggle with what content to put out there and it’s affecting your ability to gain followers and get likes.

Blogs are a great way to add valuable content to your social media posts. They not only offer you the ability to share your insight into your industry but they can be shared in a variety of ways and on different platforms. You can post a link to your blog post on one profile and break the post into bite size chunks of information and use them as teasers and content for short form media such as tweets. With proper blog management you can be discovered online. The more you share your content the more discoverable you are and when people find your content and like it they may share it with others making your brand more discoverable. Which moves us on to number 4.

another benefit of a business blog
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4. Increase brand awareness

Now that you are discoverable on social media and you are regularly sharing your blog posts in bite size chunks and linking back to your website you are increasing your brand awareness. Every time your audience comments, likes, follows, and shares your content they are sharing your business with others.

Brand awareness not only affects your social media page but increases your customer base and improves metrics like website clicks. And all this attention takes us to number 3.

3. Ranks well in search engines

Google and other search engines rank blog posts higher than webpages. This is because you are offering, free, helpful, and current content to their users. Search engines prefer longer posts but you should range your posts between 400-1000 words to get added benefit from search engine algorithms and keep it easy reading for your audience. 

All that activity on social media from your blog posts also increases the likely hood you’ll benefit from the algorithms of social media applications like twitter, instagram, and facebook.  I don’t have to tell you how beneficial it is to be easy to find but I will mention one benefit as it’s next on the list: Increased brand traffic.

Increased traffic is a benefit of a business blog

2. Increases brand traffic

Once you’ve put your blog out there on social media, spiffed it up with SEO words for the search engines and had new friends share your content you will start to see a change in your website traffic and social media profiles.

Increased brand traffic will alter your website engagement metrics that show you how your blog is improving your business. Watch out for metrics like page views, bounce rate, visitor source, and conversion rates to see all the benefits of your increased web traffic.

1. Gain Trust

And finally, the most important reason you should write a blog is to share your expertise and gain trust with your audience/customers. People want to buy from companies they trust and what better way to gain trust then starting a conversation, sharing your wisdom, and giving them a personal look into your industry, They will see you as more transparent and friendly and you will be a familiar face in the crowd of other businesses vying for their attention.

I hope this post has shown you why you need a blog for your business. The 5 benefits of writing a blog above is just the beginning of the list. A blog can do a lot for your business.

You may be wondering what your next steps should be. Well Friends, I am here to help. Check out my post Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas Again