DIY Lamp Revamp- Paint Tips and How To

You guessed it! It’s a lamp DIY! I’ll show you my before and after photos, and then share the process. It’s up to you to decide if the extra work is worth the money you could save.


Do It Yourself! Take an old lamp and make it the lamp of your dreams and save money when you do it!


My bedroom that I share with my boyfriend had pistol lamps on the bedside tables and I’ve been itching to get new lamps. I knew I wanted something bright, large, and pistol free but when I looked around i couldn’t find two lamps I liked for a price I could afford. I went to my local thrift store and was lucky enough to find a set of working lamps for $20. A great deal. I knew they would look great in our room with a little elbow grease.



The Setup

The basic setup for this project is simple. you need a lamp (or two), fine sandpaper, painters tape, primer, paint, top coat, and a nice warm day with low humidity. Don’t get super excited and start painting indoors OK? It could ruin your floors (don’t ask).

So this project should have been simple but as you can see my lamp looks like a trunk of a palm tree. I had the pleasure of attempting to sand down the surface of my lamp. This is, after all, the first step and I knew the paint needed something to hold on to and the already glossy surface wouldn’t do. Guess what guys? I failed miserably at this simple first step but its been weeks now and the finished product still looks great.


The next step is to prime but first you should tape the areas you don’t want painted ( I didn’t but you should).I was lucky enough to have all the spray paint I needed but total 3 cans should cost less then $20. Priming was super easy and once I started painting outside like I should have done in the first place it went quick. I’d let the primer fully dry.. or about an hour and used my soft grit sandpaper to smooth out any rough areas.


I used the same process with the paint. Paint, sand, paint and sand until I was comfortable with the coverage (it was really only a coat or two). Let it fully dry and spray a clear gloss finish.

And that’s it for painting a lamp. I love it and it has added some great texture in my room. If your lamp didn’t come with  a shade you can pick one up pretty cheap. I’m still debating if I want to make my own, maybe add a pop of color, but for now the white is doing it for me.


Here is a quick rundown on the cost:

Lamps $20

Shades $20

Paint and sandpaper $20 (with extra for a future project)

In total I made two lamps for $60 which is about the price of one lamp from target.

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