How to Host a Family Paint Night (Even if You Can’t Paint)

Making your family a priority is important for successful relationships and a weekly family night is a great solution. However it’s not for the faint of heart. Planning family nights can be just as difficult so my family ended up watching a ton of movies. But no more! How can you possibly bond with your family if your constantly saying “hush”. My solution? Family Paint Night!

Something different to do on family night besides watch a movie.

Hold on! Calm down! It’s not as scary as you might think. This project is great for anyone who can hold a paintbrush (and if they can’t I have a plan!). Below I have a list of everything you need and I promise it’s all stuff you can pick up at Walmart. There’s no need for craft stores unless you want to go (craft stores are my poison of choice).

Start Planning Early:

At the end of every month I have a huge planning session and it includes my plans for family night. I suggest you do the same but if that’s not your thing try and plan it a week or two in advance. Trust me it will drastically reduce any stress involved.

The first thing you want to do is pick a painting to copy. My older son would have rather painted his own design but this is about family dynamics and working together ( we paint a lot anyway so don’t feel bad for him).  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas. Check out my Art Ideas Board on my Pinterest page (and follow my account while you’re there!) I save any artsy picture I like here.

Keep in mind the picture should be simple. Look at the picture I chose. I see three levels to it. There is the background, which is a basic side to side brushstroke mixing colors as you go. There is the dark tree trunk that you would paint next. Lastly there is the blooms and they are circular and not very detailed.

After you pick your photo print it out and take it to the store with you.

Shopping List:

  • paint that matches your photo
  • a pack or two of brushes (you’ll need different sizes. large for background, and smaller brushes for images)
  • a canvas for each family member
  • plastic sheet (for table)

(save an egg carton to put paint in)

Family Night:

Each family member should pick a corner of the picture to paint. Talk about how you want to paint the background. What direction should the brush strokes go? My families painting had horizontal strokes. We started with a mix of dark blue and white and would add other colors as we painted (while it was still wet) so they would blend together. The goal is for the background to be similar.

Continue to work together to create a painting that lines up closely if they were put next to each other but don’t limit the individuals creativity. As you can see below our tree lines up pretty well but each of us have completely different looks. (The picture below is before we finished.)

family craft paint a picture together.


  • put your paint in a cut up egg carton for easy clean up.
  • keep a blow dryer handy to dry painting between paint levels.
  • If you have young children help them paint the background and then give them another canvas or paint paper to finger paint (purchase finger paint for this)  so you can all paint together (paint the rest of their section for them)
  • cut the pictures into sections so each person can see what part of the painting is “theirs”
  • Just because you have more or less than 4 people in your family doesn’t mean you can’t do this project. Be creative in arranging your canvases together. Cut your your photo into thirds or be completely different and have two canvas on top and one on the bottom etc…



I hope this post was helpful. wine and paint parties are popular these days but you don’t have to leave the house to participate. I live in a small town and wine and paint nights are not an option.  But! Yep, but with an exclamation point (because I love exclamation points!). You can host a wine and paint party in your own home. Why not? Have everyone bring canvas and brushes, pick up some paint and wine, and check out The Art Sherpa youtube channel. She is amazing, I love her videos, and she is so so so talented (She has no clue who I am so I’m giving you my honest opinion here). You can pick out a video on her channel and plan a date night or a paint night in the comfort of your home!

Tag me on Instagram with photos of your projects. Comment any questions below!


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