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Free Content Calendar

While social media is a lot of work it has made marketing more accessible to smaller business and now every business needs a social media presence (and a blog). This is no different for your creative business and this is where a content calendar is needed. Luckily, I have created a google sheets template that can help any small business with their content strategy. 

If you know what a content calendar is and how to use it feel free to skip to the bottom of this post to download my FREE content calendar. 

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is a tool that organizes all the posts, photos, videos, and other content you need for your social media. Social media marketing can be a daunting landscape to navigate so to find success on some platforms you may need to post multiple times a day (Twitter suggests around 30-40 posts a day). It can be hard to keep track of all those posts, topics, timeframes, comments, URLs, etc. 

A content calendar is a spreadsheet that has a column for all the information you need to know about your posts. Some important information you might want to know is: content type, date, time, URL, platform, topic, and a description. Below is a sneak peek at the content calendar I have made for you. It has been formatted to make your life a little easier with drop down menus and checkboxes. 

free content calendar

Free Content Calendar

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