Outdoor Planters your Kids will Love to Make!

Spring has been here for a few weeks now (for most of us anyway), so I took my kids out to catch a little sun and get dirty while making outdoor planters. What kid doesn’t love dirt, right?

Teach kids a skill and do an art project outdoors this spring or summer.


I’m always trying to bring art and learning together for my kids. That means I spend a lot of time  surfing Pinterest for skills that I don’t have and knowledge that I never required.  So!! To celebrate the beautiful weather I planned to teach my kids some basics in gardening. These outdoor planters are cute, cheap, and quick (with toddlers that’s a necessity).

We hit the dollar store first and found some great finds. We were able to pick up 2 planters, a spade, and dirt! Yep dirt. My oldest picked up some army men as well (his planter, his design). Dollar Tree saved us a ton of money and I couldn’t have been happier.

The bulk of our budget, and our time, went to plants. The learning started when we walked into the outdoor section of Walmart. I told my oldest what we were looking for, plants that like partial sun, and a common shape for planters. I helped narrow his search my telling him he needed to find a tall leafy plant for the center of our pot and 3 or 4 flowers to go around it. I think he enjoyed this part the most.

My youngest is 3. He picked out one leafy plant and he was done. In fact, he wanted 3  of them. I snuck a flower or 2 in there as well. I just couldnt help my oldest did it on his own and my toddler quickly stole the spade and went digging in the yard. He came back to decorate and stole his toys.

I was extremely happy with the outcome. The kids learned a bit and they both ask to water the plants daily.

I highly encourage you to try this out. A planter is contained, which I like, but little  garden would be great too! Below I have listed the tools for this project as well as a budget. Good Luck!

The tools for this outdoor planter project.



  • a planter for each child/ participant ($1 each)
  • potting soil ($1 each page)
  • spade (you can just use your hands but it makes it fun for the kids) ($1)
  • a design in mind (free). Here is a link to my Pinterest board with ideas.
  • plants. For my design I needed at least 4 plants per planter. (about $10 each planter)


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