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3B Quilts Logo and Branding


3B Quilts is a machine quilting service looking for logo design services. It is a new small business in Virginia.

Client Goals

The Client had a color scheme and a vague idea for a logo. She wanted something professional and that incorporated her family initials.


Graphic Designer


Color logo

Black and white logo

JPEG, PNG, SVG for print and web with multiple sizes

*an animated logo (received as a different order)

Time Frame

3 Weeks


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

The basic package for my logo design services typically only includes 1 color version of a logo and a black and white version. 3B Quilts had different needs and I was able to accommodate them.


My logo design package starts with my ideation process. It typically includes multiple unfinished sketches to share the general shape and feeling of an idea that may interest my clients. We quickly agreed on a bee as the visual aspect of the logo because of the clients name and business name. The idea is that it will make the logo, her business, and her more memorable.

The teal and mustard yellow she chose as a color palette inspired me to design a vintage look similar to a stamp. This logo looks serious with a touch of natural whimsy with the bee. It is also a logo that can stand the test of time. While the vintage look is a current trend it never really goes away and it fits her market well.

I typically only make 2 color variations for logos in my logo design package; black and white and color, and then each color type has a horizontal and vertical version of the logo. For 3B Quilts it was more important to give another color variation. There is no horizontal version.


Animated Logo

The animated logo was made in Adobe After Effects. Animation is a new skill for me and I find it very challenging. In the future I would like to add audio of a buzzing bee to this animation.

My basic logo design services package does not include animation but it can be an add-on.


Creating the perfect logo and branding for your business (or personal branding) is one of the most important factors in building a successful business (or career).  If you are interested in my logo design services click the button below to fill out my contact form. You can also find out more information about me and what services I offer with these links.