About me

Veronicamarae.com is a blog and creative business website. As a full-time home supervisor and a passionate lover of all things craft I have created veronicamarae.com to share my passion with the world. The focus will be on fiber crafts, such as knitting and crochet, but there are so many other things I want to share. Below are some topics you may enjoy:

Knitting and Crochet Patterns– Patterns will be coming soon. I’m hoping to offer a free pattern each month as well as a purchasable pattern on ravelry.com and/or on my personal webstore.

DIY ProjectsРas a  homegrown Do-It-Yourselfer I will share with you one of my projects each month. Occasionally going out of my comfort zone and trying something new!

Family CraftsРThis is where  you will find some tips, tricks, and ideas for creating art with your family.

Goals- This year I am focusing on achieving preset goals. Since it is a huge part of my life right now I am sharing how I plan to create the perfect life for me. Read the post Crafting Your Life, to get started and then check back for monthly updates on my progress (and share your own) as well as other posts pertaining to the topic.

My name is Veronica Marae (surprise!). I am a full time mom with two amazing boys, an (almost) perfect boyfriend, and 4 cats (yes, 4). I spend most of my days dreaming about all the things I can create. So I thought, why not do it?


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