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Graphic Designer Veronica Miller

Hi I'm Veronica...


I was born and raised in the Northwest and love pine trees and high desert winds. I settled down and spent 15 years raising my family and now it's time for me to follow my dreams. Not a day goes by that I am not creating something. For me, art is an eclectic combination of disciplines and the most influential art during my childhood was music. As an adult I tried multiple creative hobbies and found a love for writing and graphic arts. I have written two novels (unpublished) and am a published blogger.

I graduated from Delaware Technical Community College in May 2022 with a personal emphasis in Graphic Design. I have helped small businesses build a cohesive brand and designed logos, animated logos, and other business related assets.


I've continued to expand my graphic design skills by taking online classes. In my spare time I write fiction novels and tend my plethora of house plants. I am currently working on expanding my portfolio to include more animation and print designs.

I am currently open to working as an in house graphic designer and as a freelance designer.


I would like to see myself in a permanent graphic design position. I am looking for a company that works remotely, has responsible business practices (concern for people, ethics, equity, and environmental impact), and a positive work environment that values their employees and treats them like a part of a team and like people.

My skills are geared toward assets meaning I can make or edit images needed for social media and websites (I am not a web developer, web designer, or social media manager). I can design layouts for print, PDF, online magazines, and the list would continue if I had the space.

Further in the future I would like to have my own print on demand business that showcases my own designs, animate short stories, and publish my novels.