What you need to know


I was born and raised in the Northwest and love pine trees and high desert winds. I settled down and spent 15 years raising my family there and now it's time for me to follow my dreams. Not a day goes by that I am not creating something. For me, art is an eclectic combination of disciplines and the most influential art during my childhood was music. As an adult I tried multiple creative hobbies and found a love for writing and graphic arts. I have written two novels (unpublished) and am a published blogger and am eager to add graphic design to my resumé. 


I complete my associates degree in general studies with a year of graphic design experience in May 2022 at Delaware Technical Community College. I also have a certificate in Technical Writing. I continue to look for opportunities to improve my skills by taking classes offered in my area and online. 


I want to be a freelance graphic designer and offer my clients a variety of print and digital products. I'm looking forward to opening a web-based store offering stickers, notecards, stationary, invitations, and pre-made logos and book covers.


What I do

Book design

Integrating content, style and format of your book into a seamless and attractive design.


Marketing materials include: icons, pamphlets, postcards, stationary, and more.

Digital print products

Find predesigned stickers, notecards, and logos on my Etsy store.


If you are looking for a more personal touch with stickers, notecards, party invitations, and any other products on Veronicamarae.com or Etsy let's talk.